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A plumbing emergency is the last thing you would want on any day. It can be scary as it can cost more than you are prepared to spend or lose when it wreaks havoc on your home. At a time like this, a proficient emergency plumber is what you need to mitigate further damage to your home.

When the inevitable happens, stay calm if you prefer not to exacerbate your problem with complications. Stay logical and take the following steps to address the emergency as quickly as you can.

Emergency Call Out - Meet an Emergency with Brisbane Plumber Barramundi
  • Shut off the water source.The most important thing to do is to stop the water flow. You can shut off the fixture causing the problem, but if there are several fixtures involved, shut off the main valve. This is why it matters that everyone in the household knows where the main shutoff valve is.
  • Turn off the water heater or the gas.To prevent the building up of pressure that may lead to the heater’s overheating or bursting, shut off the appliance or the gas itself.
  • Call your emergency plumber Barramundi Plumbing .Do this immediately after ensuring that the water source, gas and/or water heater have been turned off. No matter how handy you are in doing odd jobs around the home, an emergency could be too much to handle. Don’t waste any more time – call the trustworthy emergency plumber Barramundi Plumbing in the neighbourhood.
  • Do whatever is necessary to mitigate the damage.While waiting, drain the pipes by opening outside taps or try to stop leaks using whatever material is at hand – rags, Teflon Tape or plumbing Epoxy.

Plumbing emergencies are nightmarish because the damage can be devastating. This is why it matters that you have a reliable emergency Brisbane plumber, like Barramundi Plumbing, that you can trust to come to your aid anytime on any day.